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Semp also mentions about GreenLegoCats fans doing the same thing that he does, by getting people to stop online dating, and shows one of the Online Dating trolls by one of Greenlegocats fan. Semp also brings up that Roblox "supports" online dating, and says that there are too much reports on Roblox that they can't fix every reported situation or ban people that online date, which makes greenlegocats think Roblox supports online dating.

Semp also shows the Roblox Terms of Service that Online Dating is not allowed, and said that it would not be a rule if Roblox did support Online Dating.

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Semp then mentions that greenlegocats is against clickbait, but shows 2 viral videos that are known to be clickbait and are recent videos. Greenlegocats did also mention that he "loves" people that try to beef him for attention, but did the same thing by sending beef towards Denis after being blocked by him. The owner never said it was okay to Online Date in MeepCity. And his analysis is just as damning: "Personal opinion is that cats are overrated as being most popular," he told me.

There is, however, some hope for cat partisans, and it is related to the potential for individual pieces of cat media I was just about to say "content," but then I remembered how much that word reminds me of a vomit bag that go viral i. BuzzFeed's own data backs this up.

Although we have a slightly higher number of cat than dog posts, the average reaction numbers hearts, comments, "cutes," etc. For the average cat post, that's close to 9, For dogs, that's only 5, And if you add up the numbers for the top 5-performing cat posts since vs. Which is super interesting and all, but so now we are right back to our original question. Why why why? Here's another stab at it:.

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Dogs are the equivalent of a "Viral Marketing Strategist" at an ad agency — sure, they'll have a hit now and again, but unless it's really exceptional work, you'll just ignore it, because you know they're doing it to get your attention. When a dog gets in a box, it's because he desperately wants you to think he's cool.

When a cat does it, it's because it suddenly felt like the right thing to do at the time — it's cool and effortless. It feels natural.

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And, most important of all, when a cat wears human clothes, it adds to his air of mystery and effortless stylishness. OK, so that's clearly pretty biased, but maybe there's something to the notion that this particular bias is pervasive, at least on the Internet.

Which brings us to a third possibility:. In regards to why cats are more popular than dogs on the Internet, I think it's because cat owners don't have a cat park or a place where they can congregate in person to talk about their cats like how dog owners have a dog park to talk about their dogs. The Internet has provided a place for cat owners and fans of cats to talk about their own cats, comment on how hilarious, cute, or evil their cat is and swap stories, pictures, and videos.