Dating and engagement customs in egypt

Is it really that different from western For the best answers, search on this site https: Think of it this way, at least he asked and you hopefully said yes!

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If you find it weird don't tell anybody until you get your ring and then just act like it was there the whole time. That is what I would do. Today it is very common though for brides to pick out their own rings.

The Ancient Egyptian Bride

My Fiance did AMAZING because he knew what my dream ring was but most guys take the easy way out and you get either the future past and present 3 stone rings or a solitaire style. Quit worrying about the normal and focus on the two of you as a couple. Every love story is written differently.

These little stops just make it more personal and interesting. First of all dating is forbidden for Muslim and Christian people in Egypt,like dating in western cultures involves having pre-marital sex which is a great sin in Islam and is severely punished if caught in action.

The Ancient Egyptian Bride

Second, regarding engagement the the man and woman can meet with their parents consent where the groom buys their brides engagement ring,shabkah he pays dowry and buys his bride jewelry , their future house and pays for most of the things in the house,of course the parents do help on both sides, as for the marriage,the groom and the bride first legalize the marriage by signing the marriage contract in a mosque or a chapel then they go to a dance hall where they celebrate with family and friends and finally the groom and the bride take a flight to the suite to spend their first night together.

When a muslim sinle guy is planning to buy a house does it mean he's getting married? In modern Egypt people wear nearly the same things western people wear these days. In engagement and marriage it's also the same,,,,I dunno about the country sides of Egypt, I think they're different dunno. Therefore, before the preparation of engagement bundles, families ask each other about what they prefer to put in the bundle.

After they present the bundle, the gifts are exhibited to the guests and neighbors.

Therefore, families generally prefer flamboyant presents to be put in it. Nightdress and dressing gown, lingerie, slippers and shoes, a set of clothes, makeup supplies, skin care sets, perfume, bags, towels, bed linens, engagement tray, scarves In these areas of the city, it is possible to find everything.

Although this tradition continues even until today, the couples generally prefer to go shopping together, without their families, and mostly in big shopping malls. During the period from agreement to marriage until engagement ceremony, these traditions are followed mostly.

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After that, the families are ready for the engagement ceremony. During the ceremony, the bride and the groom stand with a senior member of the family. Rings of engagement tied together with a long red ribbon are put on a tray, which a young girl carries. Senior family member put the rings to the fingers of the couples and cuts the ribbon with the accompaniment of standard words and wishes. In some regions, the guests dance after the ceremony.

The Egyptian marriage culture – Zambia Daily Mail

During the ceremony, jewelry are given to the bride, and a wristwatch is presented to the groom. After all of these rituals, the couples remain engaged until the wedding day. The engagement is not an official step for a wedding. It is an old tradition and celebration through which the couples share their intention for marriage.

Every society has its own engagement rituals and traditions. For example, engagement ring There are various theories about its history. Here we present you one of them.

What is customary in an Egyptian marriage proposal and engagement?

It is claimed that the history of the engagement rings dates back to B. In Ancient Egypt, people used to carve some plants as a ring, because it was believed that the circle shape symbolizes the eternity. Before the bride and groom can enter the wedding hall, they are also entertained by a Tanoura, which is an Egyptian folk dance performed by Sufi men or Darawish.

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  • The men wear long colourful skirts which are sometimes decorated with lights that the Tanoura will turn on at some point during his performance. The addition of the lights is a new thing, according to journalist Ayman Abdelaziz, and also a tricky thing if something goes wrong with the lights. The dance usually involves the Tanoura spinning in an endless motion so that the different colours of his skirt are displayed.

    He will stop spinning when he is finally tired or if the audience has had enough.

    Culture Shock Egypt (Things you SHOULD know about Egyptian culture)

    As he turns, his skirt gets wider and wider, demonstrating the full length of it. The tanoura will place it above the heads of guests and also above the heads of the bride and groom for entertainment. As he spins, the bride and groom and all wedding guests present clap along in joint merriment. At intervals, the bride and groom may dance together while on their way into the wedding hall. Finally after the long serenade, the wedding guests usher themselves into the hall to carry on the festivities well into the night with the help of some food and drink.

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