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A bible found in a musslim country that say that Jesus was not crucified just like the Quran, a book that like the bible was writen by men, seems a little suspicious to me. Despite, the holy Quran was sent from God to muhammed nothing is added to it and nothing omitted. I have a bible by my toilet that I use when I run out of toilet paper and when camping I use it to start fires.

However, talking like that is not appropriate. At least, the book have mentions of the names of God and Jesus, although e.

Since the beginning of the world there had been only one religion, that is Islam. If someone tries to find the oldest version of their book, they would find the same information.

Its Ture And what you know as the Bible has been plagiarized from my people my ancient ancestors indigenous Aborigines of the Earth not Egypt but Kemet matter of fact my people have been an ancient America thousands and thousands of years before this so-called Columbus came people you need to study research and stop believing what you hear and seek the truth for yourself.

This is a pack of lies. Many things will be brought forth in the end times to turn people away from their faith in God and the integrity of the Bible.

1500 Year Old Bible Claims Jesus Was Never Crucified

We are living in an antichrist system. This system is against God and the Bible. Have you done your homework on credible archeological finds? I wonder if they found this fake book under this seat. Even if there is a book on display in a museum and pages from it are translated and shared-it proves nothing. All the ways that scientists use to determine the age of the earth and various archaeological finds are not reliable or accurate by like thousands and even millions years. Thousands and millions of years that have never existed.

Do your research on carbon dating and other means used to determine the age of earth and ancient things.

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Once you do this research you will lose trust in these processes. It is written in the Aramaic language. In my view, it should be carbon dated to determine its exact age. The second point to ponder is that it is written in Aramaic and that was the language that Jesus spoke so most likely, it is older than years. Moreover, Aramaic is a dead language and according to the article, it is only spoken in a tiny village near Damascus, Syria. Therefore, there is a likelihood of this being the original preserved version of the revealed Bible and it warrants serious scrutiny.

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After carbon dating it to determine its age, I would urge the Turkish authorities to invite Christian representatives of all denominations to come to Turkey and examine this Gospel in the presence of Turkish authorities. You must be logged in to post a comment Login. Share on Facebook https: This could have occurred as an act of revenge against Christianity on the basis of experiences made under the Spanish Inquisition in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, since Spain is a possible place of origin for the Gospel of Barnabas. Since Muslim apologists assume that the Gospel of Barnabas is an early Christian document, they attempt to prove the authenticity of the gospel by looking for traces or forerunners of the text in early Christian church history.

Muslims cite further the Records of Barnabas 1: The frequently mentioned Codex Barocci 39 is, like the previous work cited, only a short text fragment 2 which gives no indication that it could be in agreement with the present Gospel of Barnabas. However, all these documents, as well as early Christian church history as a whole, do not provide any indications at all that a connection with that Gospel of Barnabas ever existed, which is at the center of the Christian-Muslim controversy.

The Gospel of Barnabas at issue today contains Islamic ideas, which — although, apart from the person of Muhammad, Islam is nowhere spoken of officially — call the Koran and Muslim tradition strongly to mind. Since Islam originated only in the seventh century A. A number of statements in the Gospel of Barnabas, moreover, are irreconcilable with the history and geography of Palestine, so that it appears hardly conceivable that the author of the Gospel of Barnabas could have lived in Palestine.

More than this, a reliable source which reports about the contents of the gospel and which dates from before the beginning of the eighteenth century is lacking. But even more than this, several indications in the text itself speak in favor of a late medieval or early modem date of composition, that is, between the fourteenth and sixteenth century. The following examples thus make it improbable that the text was composed in the first post- Christian century: In the Gospel of Barnabas, Adam even recites the Islamic confession of faith 9 , which, of course, no one could have known in the early Christian period, since Islam originated only in the seventh century A.

As the Gospel of Barnabas reports, the promise of the birth of Jesus was given to Ismael, and not to Isaac 10 , and Ismael was to be sacrificed by Abraham instead of Isaac: In the Gospel of Barnabas, Jesus is not descended from David. In the Gospel of Barnabas, the command is given by God to Mary and Joseph to keep Jesus away from wine, strong drink, and impure meat 11 — that is, pork: According to the Gospel of Barnabas, Jesus is sent only to Israel Only Muhammad, in the Muslim view, was sent to the whole world.

In the Gospel of Barnabas, Jesus refers to Muhammad as the greater of the two 14 whose shoelaces he is not worthy enough to untie. In the Gospel of Barnabas, Jesus announces the coming of Muhammad and already speaks the name of Muhammad.

The Q gospel is the gospel of barnabas part

Jesus asks God to send Muhammad to save the world. In the Christian view, it is impossible that Jesus announced Muhammad and asked God, his father, to send Muhammad. The crucifixion of Judas in the Gospel of Barnabas does not agree with the reports in the Christian Gospels. Here, an Islamic interpretation of the Crucifixion is offered which, however, could be reconciled with the only reference in the Koran to the Crucifixion Sura 4, The Gospel of Barnabas already undertakes an apologetic interpretation of Christianity when it alludes to the idea that the Apostle Paul has deviated from some Christian dogmas.

For Christians remaining true to the Bible, though, this must be a false view. At the same time, it must be stressed here that there are also statements in the Gospel of Barnabas which cannot be reconciled with either the Koran or with the Bible. The Koran leaves no doubt whatsoever that those who are once exiled to Hell must remain there eternally. Also inconsistent with the Koran is the oft-repeated statement in the Gospel of Barnabas that Muhammad is the Messiah, while it at the same time repeatedly denies that Jesus is the Messiah.

Sura 19, 23 ; in the Gospel of Barnabas, she gives birth to Jesus painlessly.

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The Gospel of Barnabas clearly pleads for monogamy 20 , while the majority of Muslims recognize in Sura 4, 3 the pennission for marriage with up to four women. The Gospel of Barnabas itself stresses that the original Biblical gospel was falsified. If Barnabas actually would have been a contemporary of Jesus, then the fonnation of the New Testament would not yet have been concluded.

With this statement, the Gospel of Barnabas would have forecast its own fate. In addition, his geographical and historical mistakes make clear that the author of the Gospel of Barnabas can neither ever have visited Palestine nor can he have lived in the first post-Christian century: Capernaum, however, lies directly on the shore of the Sea of Galilee.

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  4. According to the description in the Gospel of Barnabas, Nineveh lies near the Mediterranean coast. It, however, is to be found in the interior on the banks of the Tigris. In the Gospel of Barnabas, the dates given for the birth of Jesus, compared with the terms of office of Pilate, Ananias, and Caiaphas, do not agree with the historical record.

    The Gospel of Barnabas reports , Roman soldiers in Palestine.

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    The party of the Pharisees, however, originated only in the second century before Christ. The following facts are evidence for a medieval date of composition: In the year , Pope Boniface VIII fixed the date for the celebration of the year of jubilee as once in every hundred years. But already in , Clement VI shortened the period to fifty years and announced the next jubilee celebration for Thus, the interval between celebrations of the year of jubilee was fixed at one hundred years, as the Gospel of Barnabas describes it, only in the period between and Thus, in several passages, laughing is condemned as a sin 32 , but crying counts as a sign of the spiritual life.

    The Barnabas gospel mentions a gold coin: In the Barnabas gospel, wooden barrels are mentioned as a method for storing wine 36 ; in the Near East, however, leather wineskins were usual. The Gospel of Barnabas stresses the importance of alms, fasting, pilgrimages, and fivefold daily prayer, which Jesus also performs 38 , whereby the text indicates a period after the origin of Islam in the seventh century. The forbidden fruit in Paradise, which the Old Testament does not specify by name, is said in the Gospel of Barnabas to be an apple 39 , also a development from later church history.

    These and several other points form the basis of most of the treatises and papers written by non-Muslim authors in rejection of the assumption that the present-day Gospel of Barnabas in the Italian language is a document from early church history. The German translation of the Italian Gospel of Barnabas must be considered in this light.

    This publication essentially limits itself, however, to the text itself and treats the gospel as though there were no question that the author is the New Testament apostle Barnabas himself. In the last analysis, it is the ideology of the individual observer which decides how much authenticity is granted to the Gospel of Barnabas.

    For Muslims, it confirms the Koran and Islamic dogmas and is, therefore, true, while for Christians, it stands in contradiction to the Old and New Testaments and, thus, is false. It is for this reason, finally, that it is endorsed by Muslims and rejected by Christians. The opposite, however, is the case: Since this time, the Gospel of Barnabas has been available in a number of languages. No one in Europe had any interest in a new apocryphal text before the increase of Muslim statements in favor of the gospel. The foreword of the German translation In conclusion, some statements from the foreword to the present Gennan translation of the Gospel of Barnabas should be examined: The weight of the find was said to amount to fifty kilograms, and its age was detennined by the radio-carbon method Cl 4 to be years.

    A warning was also attached not to let this text fall into the hands of Christians, since they certainly would destroy it. This discovery, however, according to Pankow, had nothing to do with a Barnabas gospel possibly from the period of the early Christian church. Its great age alone would have made the text universally known, but much more if it would have been a gospel. Such a document would form the final element in the Muslim train of argument in favor of the authenticity and age of the text. The foreword to the Gennan edition takes up the claim brought forward again and again by the Muslim side that in Cyprus, in the grave of the martyred Barnabas, the Gospel of Barnabas was found lying upon his breast.

    This, however, is not the case. There is not one historically verifiable bit of evidence that a precursor to the only two known manuscripts of the Gospel of Barnabas, in Italian and in Spanish, existed in the early Christian period, let alone that these existing manuscripts ever came into contact with Cyprus.

    From where, then, does this claim come?