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Mainstream brands have even gotten on board through introductions of products such as Baileys with Almond Milk and Hellmans Vegan Dressing and Sandwich Spread.

The use of espelette pepper in new products launches has grown 51 percent, green coffee, 49 percent, acerola extract, 47 percent, avocado oil, 43 percent, and lovage, 42 percent. Plants also hold promise as the waste-reducing product vessels of the future, according to Moreno.

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Among the packaging being piloted is a box made with tomato plant fiber, a Snickers wrapper made with potato waste, and agar agar seaweed packaging that is dissolvable in water. Flexitarians Driving Plant-Based Innovations. Trends and Statistics ; Market Trends.

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Anuga Report: Flexitarians Driving Plant-Based Innovations

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