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I keep it short. The intention is that I am the prize, and she will have to work to get me.

2. Your romantic life should be judged in terms of logical yes or no results and numbers

I bust her balls on something in her profile. Is the top of your head pointy or something? I give her a hoop to jump through, so that she has to meet my standards.

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I also usually give her a nickname. Email me at [Insert your email address] and tell me three qualities you possess that would make me want to get to know you better. I will, of course, send you a non-illustrated pic — two if I like what you have to say.

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She'll send you her reply. Usually, you can tell by the tone what she's after. More than half the time, there will be a hint of sexual suggestion in there. In your response, bust her balls a little, but tell her you're impressed as if she's winning you over. Now I put her on the points system. Now, for the picture, this is key. I used to lose the girl when I sent some dumb digicam photo of myself. Fortunately, about a year ago, someone took a photo of me for a magazine, so i tell the girl I don't have a digital camera, but I scanned a photo from a magazine for her.

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  • The Top 5 Lies Of The Pick-Up Artist And Men’s Dating Advice Communities.

This is great, because it's great social proof and also a little mysterious. If you don't have a photo that's appeared in a magazine, a school newspaper, a society page, whatever they don't have to know where it's from , just make one. All you need is a good photo, a magazine, a scanner, and Photoshop. I've had friends make really funny ones, with good captions.

Usually, they'll take a photo of themselves out, or with a celeb non-posed , and make it look like it's from the party pages of In-Style or something.

Once they respond to this, it's time to take it offline. Write them back, bust their balls, and then write something casual like the following: My number is below. Or, if you're shy and would feel more comfortable if I called, just email me your info. At this point, she's already interested, so whatever way you choose to get the phone number is not a big deal.

I only make one phone call. That's all it takes. All she needs to do is to hear your voice to know that you're for real and not some sort of psycho. Here's the phone structure I use:.

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Don't say hello and introduce myself. Instead, refer to a private joke from my emails such as saying, "Hi, imp," if that's her nickname , so that she automatically recognizes who it is. Break the tension right away with a pre-prepared story.


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Chose from any of your favorite ASF stories. Jlaix has tons of good ones if you don't have any of your own. Tease her a little into talking about herself, but only for a few minutes. It helps her feel rapport to talk about herself a little. So, the sex might be good, but only maybe one sessoin days per week instead of crazy marathon sessions. Phase 4 is when the females gives up power, while phase 5 is when the male gives up power.

If you want any power at all in the relationship guys, Phase 4 must come first. You are rewarding her sex with a relationship, she is not rewarding your relatinoship with her sex. There IS a difference. Just judge by the body language. Is she hanging all over you? You passed the initial shit-tests to the point where she decided to buy into you. But now she wants periodocially do a status check on you. Checking the tires, checking the oil, that 10, mile check-up, etc.

It is in her nature to give you these tests. If not, then this is when you break up. Over 25, people like you who are serious about improving their dating life and getting more hot dates in less than 30 days have joined our free Secret Society Newsletter.

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Simply click on the green button below:. The main purpose of taking a girl on an iD is to develop comfort with the girl in a more relaxed, cosy and secluded environment. It is also particularly effective during the colder months or when weather conditions are bad, as an instant date can be the perfect excuse to carry on an interaction that would otherwise be cut short if it was hammering down with rain, for example. Taking a girl on an instant date is a massive bonus — and all but guarantee — of solidifying phone numbers and avoiding flakes.